Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MY Headmaster - Beauty's report sucks !

Deadly swine flu spread has caused much tension. Health minister instructed a school to close down for a week while all school people need to be self seperated at home for a week to avoid potential flu sread. Before the 7 days limit is up, the headmaster called back all the teachers to do 'clearn up' in the school.

Health minister was not happy, conducted a meeting with the reporter. The headmaster went there too. Shortly after the health minister left the meeting, the Headmaster pointed at one of the lady reporter,

"You are beautiful, but the report you wrote sucks !"

Perhaps he could have said,

"You are a good looking lady, perhaps you can write a report as nice as you are"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MY AirAsia : Its Cheap, Go Travel Now !

Tony Fernandes who runs Air Asia, the most upcoming low cost airline in Malaysia and gaining substancial weightage in APAC region also, mentioned that Air Fare is cheap now, so everyone should take this opportunity to travel more often. He even stated that, everyday different kind of virus kill many people and today's AH1N1 issue is WAY MUCH less dangerous than SARS back then ... and subsequently hinted everybody to travel using AirAsia more often despite current health condition because the low sales start to kill him badly ...

What he could have said is,

"We have taken extra measures
to sanitize before every flight and
every passenger will be given a mask
at the lost cost of RM3 eacy only.
So don't worry to travel,
we are always here for you,
through good and bad times."

news reference : TV news 24th June 2009